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Various pool type water treatment design

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Various pool type water treatment design

Various pool type water treatment design

First, indoor heated swimming pool

According to the characteristics of the indoor swimming pool that needs to operate all the year round, with the aim of high-class luxury and enjoyment, there is no winter and summer, so it is generally a constant temperature and humidity swimming pool.


Common problems in indoor swimming pools:

1) Because of the transpiration characteristics of the swimming pool, the relative humidity of the indoor air is too high, and the moist chlorine-containing air may cause corrosion of the building structure and damage to the decoration;

2) The energy consumption of the indoor pool constant temperature is too high, and the running cost is high.



1. The swimming pool water circulation method is preferred to use counter-current circulation. Its strengths are mainly:

1) The filtering accuracy is higher and the cycle is more complete;

2) The system is more perfect and the protection is more simple: the whole system includes six parts: circulation, filtration purification, disinfection and oxidation, water quality balance, constant temperature and humidity, and system monitoring. Each part has independent functions, and the system is formed by the combination of organic substances. The pool water is treated to bring the pool water to a specification that is clean, hygienic and comfortable.


2, the pool water heating thermostat equipment is preferred to use the air source heat pump, is to absorb the heat in the air through the compression of the temperature to heat the principle of water, is now the most energy-efficient heating method.


3, indoor dehumidification of the pool:

Because of the transpiration of the water surface, the relative humidity in the room is too high. The chlorine-containing air in the pool air condenses into water when it is cold, which corrodes the building structure of the pool space and adjacent space. The integrated dehumidification heat pump can be selected. The heat pump has a heat pump integrated with swimming pool water and hot water, pool room air dehumidification, and indoor air conditioner. The heat pump generally has a new air exhaust function and a heat recovery function.


Second, outdoor public swimming pool

According to the constraints and application requirements of the outdoor public swimming pool, the area is mostly 600-1200m2, and the shape is mostly irregular, and is divided into adult pool, children pool and massage pool (optional). There is a forced shower and dip disinfection pool in the middle of the swimming pool walkway. Most of the outdoor swimming pools are normal temperature swimming pools, which are adjusted according to local temperature every year.



1. The outdoor swimming pool water circulation method adopts the downstream flow type: it is purified by the return water outlet located at the bottom of the pool, and then sent into the pool by the water supply port below the pool end or the side wall water surface.

Strengths: The cost of returning water and drain is relatively low, the planning of circulating water pipeline is simple, and the burial is shallow; the energy consumption of the system is low, and the protection is relatively convenient in the later stage; the water quality can be satisfactorily applied.

Defects: The bottom of the pool is easy to deposit dirt, and there are many pipelines passing through the pool wall. Other equipment is needed to remove the sewage device.


2, pool water disinfection advocates the use of ultraviolet disinfection or chemical disinfection drugs disinfection!

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