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GREAT POOL, A swimming pool equipment company integrating professional design, research and development, production and sales. 

swimming pool underwater LED light manufacturer and supplier
 Focucus on waterproof lights for pool.

Optional ligts type:
Landscape Lights,Underground Light,Fountains Lights,Strip Lights

NOTES for Pool light Order
1. The default voltage of the pool lamp is AC12V, if you need AC24v, DC12v, please contact customer service for other information.

2. The swimming pool light cannot be used directly with 220V electricity. Please connect the converter and then connect the low-voltage swimming pool light to use.

3. The pool lights sold in this shop are not equipped with transformers. If you need to purchase a configuration voltage transformer, please contact customer service.

4. If you don't know what kind of LED swimming pool light is suitable for which venue. You can contact our customer service staff, we will arrange a professional engineer for you to come up with a plan that suits you according to your site.

5. The LED industry refers to the light-emitting color of lamps as "color temperature". The color temperature of our company's lamps and lanterns can be produced according to the needs of customers. The conventional color temperatures are: 3000-3200K warm light, 4000-4500K neutral light, 6000-6500K positive White light. Full color, red, green, blue, other color temperature colors can be customized, please contact customer service.

6.0EM and bulk wholesale business. We provide OEM services for various distributors, engineering companies, and trading companies. For details, please contact customer service.

7. The specific freight depends on the quantity of the goods and the place of receipt, please contact our customer service staff for details.

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