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Free Shipping To USA Door-To-Door

32300 BTU/9.47kw DC Inverter Plus Swimming Pool Heat Pump

by Gruite
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This series are the DC inverter plus swimming pool heat pump with the dual purpose of heating and cooling.
FULL INVERTER, top COP and low noise level.
Optionally with our unique designed oxidized aluminum casing or ABS plastic casing.
WiFi control available, and individual spec level available!
7-30kw optional


1. Sprial titanium tube heat exchanger.

This technology helps the whole pool heat pump industry to get upgraded heat exchanging efficiency and saved huge energy in domestic and overseas markets.

2. RUKING EMERSON origin PCB driving and controlling.

Reliability is the spirit for variable frequency (inverter) heat pumps. RUKING EMERSON is a leading brand in the inverters and energy conservation industry, widely used in Europe, America and Asia markets for HVACR produces, provides the most reliability and stability.

3. Ultra high energy efficiency
A.High efficiency DC inverter compressor

·From world-famous brand, twin-rotary DC inverter compressor

·Optimized efficiency and noise, by adopting the latest technology in magnetic and rotation speed control.

·Lowvibration during compressor's start and running

·Environment friendly refrigerant R32 or R410a.

B. Top brand DC fan motor, optimized speed, power and noise.

·High-density wire winding engineering adopted, ensuires ultra low noise and energy saving;

·Brushless with built-in sensor

·DC fan motor can be stepless controlled by the main PCB, according to system's running pressure.And reduce the energy consumption and maintain the system in the best performance.


DC inverter pool heat pump Ultra high energy efficiency

4. ultra quiet running.

DC inverter pool heat pump ultra quiet running
5. Creative and innovative casing ALUMINIUM design, provides unique and personlized solutions for your pool heating.

6. Individual spec grade, meets different level market demand.
We have particular configurations for different grades, provides enough selections in spec and cost for different level markets. And the spec are also available for.

Item Compressor Fan motor Casing Throttling WIFI Control Capacity (KW)
S Class Inverter Inverter Aluminium EEV Yes 7.2-30.5
E Class Inverter Inverter ABS plastic (1) EEV Opitional 5.5-28
C Class Inverter Fixed speed Galvanized steel (2) TXV or capillary (3) Opitional 5.5 -28


7. WiFi connections & control available, control your pool temp. anytime and anywhre.   


  • Item id: UHP 88030403
  • Recommended pool size (with insulation): m³ 20~40
  • Standard operating conditions: ambient temperature: 27ºC, relative humidity: 80%, inlet/outlet water temperature: 26ºC/28ºC
  • Heat production: kW 1.8~9.47
  • Power consumption: kW 0.11~1.44
  • C.O.P.: W/W 16.4~6.57
  • Standard operating conditions: ambient temperature: 15ºC, relative humidity: 70%, inlet/outlet water temperature: 26ºC/28ºC
  • Heat production: kW 1.51~7.88
  • Power consumption: kW 0.18~1.52
  • C.O.P.: W/W 8.3~5.18
  • Standard operating conditions: ring temperature: 35ºC, inlet/outlet water temperature: 28ºC/26ºC
  • Cooling capacity: kW 1.92~5.14
  • Power consumption: kW 0.24~1.06
  • EER: W/W 7.86~4.85
  • Basic Data
  • Power supply:   220-240V/1PH 
  • Compressor:   Mitsubishi inverter, R32 refrigerant
  • Fan Model & Quantity:   Inverter fan x 1
  • Inlet and outlet size mm: 50mm
  • Housing Type:   Blister housing or galvanized sheet metal
  • Maximum input power: kW 1.75
  • Maximum current: A 7.96
  • Recommended water flow: m3/h 4
  • Water pressure drop: KPa 26
  • Fan speed: RPM 400-830
  • Noise level (1m) dB(A): 33~47
  • Actual Data
  • Applicable ambient temperature: -10°C-43°C
  • Operable inlet water temperature Heating mode: 20 ℃ to 40 ℃ / Cooling mode: 7 ℃ to 30 ℃ / Auto mode: 7 ℃ to 40 ℃
  • Heating tape (evaporator): Optional
  • WiFi Control :Optional
  • physical data
  • Net weight: kg 36
  • Gross weight: kg 46
  • Model Size (WxDxH) mm: 911×367×603
  • Packing size (WxDxH)Single bottom tray + outer carton mm: 989×400×730
  • Method: Standard
  • Shipping Time: Arrives in 28-45 days
  • Cost: Free Shipping By SEA
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