ion sterilizer for swimming pool sinfection

ion sterilizer for swimming pool sinfection

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The ion sterilizer is completely sterilized and sterilized by physical copper and silver ions. Copper and silver ions are more stable to water disinfection than chlorine.

It does not form irritating products, nor does it produce special odors, which is why it does not have odors and irritants.

Copper and silver ion disinfection is a better way to eliminate Legionella.


Movie: 110/250vac

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Voltage: 12V

Current: 1-6A

Power: 150W

Temperature: +5℃~40℃

Environmental humidity: 95% non-condensing

Environmental protection: IP55

Working flow: 10~30m³/h

Connection method: internal thread

Connecting pipe: DN50/DE63

Working pressure: 2.5kg/cm²

Ion sterilizer for swimming pool disinfection system